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Speaking about Science

We've launched a new section on our web site. It is entirely devoted to our researches and science successes. It's one of the most essential part for us as all our products are based on science!

Additionally, we’re happy to tell you that our article in Nature - one of the leading scientific journals, has been published and even quoted by other scientists.

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Check AURA Strap Pride Edition Out

We’re proud to support the LGBTQ+ community and launch our limited edition AURA Strap Pride. Today, it’s important, not afraid to be yourself and to let your voice be heard. We glad that our community unique and supportive!

AURA Strap Pride Edition

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New Blog Posts

Even deeper dive into our core technology

If you would like to know more about bioimpedance, we’re here to help you! With bioimpedance technology, we help users monitor their health and wellbeing. We provide wearables that can reliably measure hydration level, muscle mass, and fat density.

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AURA Strap vs. Smart Scales - Detailed Comparison

All you should know choosing the best device is here! Check our comparison to understand better your needs and to choose the most suitable device for you.

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Here are our top things for Q2. We're happy to share them with you as our community is a part of us!