We are officially in 2023! This makes it the perfect time to check your health goals and examine your progress. What are your new goals for this year? Are you going to lose weight or keep fit? Or are you looking for muscle gain?

Whether this is your wake-up call to kick into gear, or you're looking for ways to supercharge the progress you've made so far, there are strategies you can use to get more out of every single workout you do. You want to get 100% of every rep, run, and hard-earned drop of sweat. And no, it doesn't have to mean spending hours in the gym. It's about working smarter and getting strategic about your exercise routine.

Today we'll speak about body composition monitoring devices, like AURA Strap 2 for Apple Watch or body scales, as your savvy strategist on your way to a perfect body. Employ our tricks alongside your body composition monitoring devices to boost motivation, fast-track results, and even enjoy the process of getting fit.

Our tried-and-true hacks to level up your workout progress

Body composition monitoring can dramatically improve your workouts & diet. Still, there are several hacks to improve your device's performance.

Set realistic goals

By measuring your body composition, you can better understand your current state and determine what changes you would like to make. This can include increasing muscle mass, reducing body fat, or improving overall health markers. Body composition tracking with devices like AURA Strap 2 helps you understand the starting point and track your progress over time. Set goals for body fat percentage, muscle mass, and weight, instead of just aiming for a number on the scale. Understanding your starting point is crucial if you're looking for effective workouts without overtraining!

Track progress

Measuring body composition can give you a more accurate understanding of your fitness progress beyond just tracking weight changes. By regularly monitoring your body composition, you can see changes in fat, muscle, and water levels, and adjust your workout routine accordingly to optimize results.

Monitor muscle mass

Monitoring muscle mass is a crucial aspect of tracking your strength training progress. Regularly measuring muscle mass ensures that your strength training routine effectively builds muscle and improves your overall fitness. If you do not see an increase in muscle mass, you may need to adjust your workout routine to include more challenging exercises, increase the weight you're lifting, or change your diet.

Monitor body fat percentage

Body fat percentage monitoring is a helpful tool for tracking weight loss progress as it provides information about the proportion of fat and lean mass in your body. By regularly monitoring your body fat percentage, you can ensure that your weight loss primarily comes from fat, not muscle. If you're losing muscle mass while trying to lose weight, it could indicate that you're not eating enough or that your exercise routine is not balanced, so you need to adjust it to get better results.

Adjust your diet

Monitoring body composition can provide valuable insight into the impact of your diet on your fitness goals. For example, if you're looking to build muscle, tracking your muscle mass and adjusting your diet to include adequate protein can help support muscle growth and recovery. Monitoring body composition can help you make informed decisions about your diet and ensure that you're fueling your body appropriately to achieve your fitness goals.

Summarizing the information above, body composition tracking is essential for workouts because it provides a more comprehensive understanding of your fitness progress beyond just monitoring weight changes. Choose AURA Strap 2 as one of the most accurate and compact ways to monitor your body composition!

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